Slider Images Thandizo copyAre you a teacher, doctor or nurse or police officer? Or Do you work in government (Civil or Public Service)? Wealthnet Finance is disbursing loans at much lower interest rates to those in civil or public service. Come and get  Thandizo Quick Loan. This is a general purpose loan. You may access this loan for anything you want to do with the money i.e. payment of school fees, boosting business capital etc.

Thandizo Quick Loan is ideal if you are looking for large sums of money to repay over a longer period of time…with Thandizo Quick Loan, you can take the loan and repay it in 3 years’ time. The loan has a competitive and modest interest of 10.5% per month on a reducing balance. This simply means that Wealthnet Finance only charges interest on the remaining balance. Please find us at First Floor Myanmar House, City Centre (follow sign posts when you get to the National Library) Or you may simply call our team on the following numbers 01772876 or 0994479243, 0881871748, 0994479241 or 0884333967.
Remember to bring your ID, Bank Statement (two months), Water or Electricity Bill.

We are looking forward to building a long term relationship with you. There are good things to come to our loyal customers that will stay with us for a long time.

Wealthnet Finance-A Trusted Partner in Wealth Creation!