Wealthnet Finance PLC offers the following great and responsive financial products:

Maziko Residential Plot Acquisition Loan 

Wealthnet Finance Public Limited Company is selling residential plots  on zero interest loan and no collateral is needed. The plots are located in prime locations in Lilongwe and Blantyre. You will be required to pay 20% deposit of your selected plot price and the balance will be settled in equal installments for a period of 48 months (4 years). A discount of 5% of the remaining balance will be given for early settlement of the whole plot price. Only few plots available on this offer.

Requirements: Bring Identity, Bank Statement that proves your ability to manage monthly installments and a letter from your employer or bank statement of your business. Please come to select your plot on the ground and start developing it as you are paying the said installments.

This loan enables Malawians acquire residential plots in safe, secure and decent urban communities while paying for it gradually over a period of four years. The company realizes that land for housing development is out of affordability of most Malawians, especially the working class who cannot afford to make a once off payment. This four year zero interest  loan is designed to enable Malawians pay gradually for the plot while developing it.  In short, this loan is a stepping stone towards owning a house in prime urban areas of Malawi.

For viewing plots, contact our officials on: 0888032327 or 0998360998 or 0881871748 or 0997074477. All 20% initial deposits should be deposited to the following bank account: Wealthnet Limited, First Capital Bank, Account Number: 0002704000265

“Wealthnet Finance PLC- A Trusted Partner in Wealth Creation

Remember to bring your ID, Bank Statement (two months), Water or Electricity Bill.

We are looking forward to building a long term relationship with you. There are good things to come to our loyal customers that will stay with us for a long time.

Wealthnet Finance-A Trusted Partner in Wealth Creation!

Kumanga Housing Development Loan 
The loan is designed to enable Malawians have access to finance for the actual house construction i.e. procurement of building materials etc. As rentals are increasingly becoming expensive, it is the wish of any tenant to develop their own house and save on rentals. This Loan will enable our customers to achieve their dream house very quickly.

Thandizo Quick Loan 
This is a general purpose loan. A client may access this loan for anything they want to do with their money i.e. payment of school fees, boosting business capital etc. We at Wealthnet believe that access to finance is paramount for the development of individuals and businesses.
The company offers free basic business training and money management tips to customers accessing this loan. It is the company’s wish and passion to ensure that each borrowed kwacha is seed for creating wealth to the borrower.

Zalowa Salary Advance Loan 
This is a 30 day Loan. Our existing customers are able to access this loan on the same day of application. The aim of the loan is to enable our customer to access quick financing and repay the loan soon after receiving their salary. Zalowa Salary Advance Loan reliably enters our customer’s bank account quicker than salary.